Financial Political

We are winning!

We are delighted to announce that we have been one of ten campaigns selected from a field of sixty entrants to receive central Government support for the “Restoring your Railways” fund.

In a letter copied to our Chair, Geoff Bushell, Chris Heaton-Harris MP, Minister of State for Transport confirmed that a panel including the Minister for Regional Growth and the Chair of Network Rail had agreed our submission was worthy of funding and additional work.

We will be “agreeing potential research remits and joint governance and timescales”, which in everyday language means that there is still a long way to go. However the selection of our bid makes it clear that we have a credible case which warrants both greater support and scrutiny than ever before.

We would like to thank all members of the team for their incredible hard work in putting together the twenty-page bid with so much care and attention to detail. It is just so exciting to see all the effort pay off.

We’ll be keeping everyone updated in the months ahead, and if you want to get priority information, please consider becoming a member of our group and supporting us financially for the day to day running costs we incur.

Financial Political

Local Councils Fund Feasibility Study

We are delighted to announce that multiple local county and district councils have jointly funded a new feasibility for the re-opening of the Ivanhoe Line.
The funding, totalling £60,000 will be used to engage a rail consultant to write a new feasibility report with the historic context of the 2009 and 2016 reports that we believe had omissions. For instance, the 206 report did not look at future housing development and used an out of date demand model.
The feasibility study will be commissioned in 2020 and should be finished within the year. We will then have an “oven ready” project to take to Government which will enable us to lobby much more effectively.
CRIL would like to thank all councils who have supported this important stage of our journey.


Amazon Gets Interested

Local press are reporting that Amazon are getting interested in the prospect of the Ivanhoe Line opening.
Amazon employs thousands of staff at its “fulfilment centre” and getting them there by rail would not only make the commute more reliable, it would also take traffic off the road.
We have yet to have face to face talks with the global giant, but will be offering to do so in the New Year.

Rolling Stock

Hydrogen Trains

If we’re going to create a railway for the 21st Century, it makes sense to equip it with rolling stock to suit.

We’ve long trumpeted the fact that the Ivanhoeline snakes its way through the beautiful National Forest – a visionary project that seeks to plant 20 million trees across an area once ravaged by open cast coal mining.

To compliment this transformative project, we’ve got really hooked on the idea of hydrogen powered trains.

Thes have been in development for some time. The concept is that hydrogen is stored under pressure within the vehicle instead of diesel. The hydrogen is then run through a fuel cell which creates electricity. The train thus becomes and electric train, but without the necessity to build overhead gantries which are extremely costly.

Initial trials show that these trains can be extremely quiet – a significant benefit now that many houses have been built backing onto the line.

We’re talking to rail operators and research groups about this concept and think the Ivanhoe line could be a great test bed for such technology.